benefits of a prenatal massage

Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

While a massage is recommended for just about everyone, the benefits of a prenatal massage make it hard to pass up. At Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa, we feel like every soon-to-be mother should experience the high quality service offered in our prenatal massage. We constantly hear pregnant women coming in complaining about various problems they are having during their pregnancy. Continue reading “Benefits of a Prenatal Massage”

Columbia River Gorge

Reasons to Visit the Columbia River Gorge

Being situated in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, Bonneville Hot Springs Resort offers guests a prime location to explore the area. We think the gorge is pretty incredible, which is why we encourage our guests to take advantage of our backyard. For those of you not convinced by a simple google image search of “Columbia River Gorge,” we compiled a list of reasons to inspire you.
Continue reading “Reasons to Visit the Columbia River Gorge”

reasons to go to a spa

Top Reasons To Go To A Spa

While you probably can already think of a few, we’ve giving you some more reasons to go to a spa. At Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa, we think that everyone should experience the wonderful treatment we provide. Not only do spas offer the perfect excuse to treat yourself, they also offer a variety of benefits that will help you feel like the best version of yourself. We dedicated our resort to providing you with the ultimate vacation experience. Continue reading “Top Reasons To Go To A Spa”

group retreat

Why Bonneville Resort and Spa is Ideal for a Group Retreat

Looking for somewhere to spend your group retreat? Then Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa should be your go to destination. We understand that your retreat should be a place to stay when trying to find the perfect getaway, and that’s exactly what we offer. Tucked away in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge Valley, our resort offers seclusion and relaxation in the most perfect way. Continue reading “Why Bonneville Resort and Spa is Ideal for a Group Retreat”


Bonneville Dam: A Brief History

The Bonneville Dam is so prevalent in the city of North Bonneville that it would be surprising if you didn’t see it. The dam is a landmark central to the city, a part of the area that has been around for generations. However, tourists might not know all that much about the history of the dam. We’ve put together a little history cheat sheet so that people visiting the attraction have some background knowledge prior to exploring it. Continue reading “Bonneville Dam: A Brief History”

mineral water soaks

7 Illnesses that Mineral Water Soaks Can Help

It’s becoming common knowledge that mineral water soaks are relaxing and enjoyable. What people don’t often know is that they can help reduce or eliminate symptoms of a variety of illnesses. It sounds absurd, but mineral water’s holistic healing capacity can aid with a huge range of health complaints. As an example, here are 7 illnesses that mineral water soaks can help. Continue reading “7 Illnesses that Mineral Water Soaks Can Help”