Hotel Policies

Check-in 4:00 pm
At check in we authorize your card for an additional $250 for incidentals

Check-outĀ 12:00 pm

Must cancel rooms three days in advance for full refund.

There is limited wifi in the rooms

No Smoking in Rooms
A fee of $250 USD will be chargedĀ for smoking in any room or on any balcony.
Please ask the front desk for locations of designated outdoor smoking areas.

Service animals allowed in designated rooms. You must call our reservations staff to get the correct room if you have a service pet. All other pets are prohibited.

If you purchased a gift card from us within the last year, you may ask for a total refund for the balance. If it has been longer than a year feel, free to redeem you card for goods and services here at Bonneville Hot Springs or in the Future at Carson Hot Springs and Elk Ridge Golf Course.