Top Reasons To Go To A Spa

reasons to go to a spa

While you probably can already think of a few, we’ve giving you some more reasons to go to a spa. At Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa, we think that everyone should experience the wonderful treatment we provide. Not only do spas offer the perfect excuse to treat yourself, they also offer a variety of benefits that will help you feel like the best version of yourself. We dedicated our resort to providing you with the ultimate vacation experience.

Here are the top reasons to go to a spa

Get healthy

As you might have guessed, going to a spa can have some serious health benefits. Not only do you feel better, but you truly are helping your body. For example, our mineral baths have scientific evidence proving that mineral soaks provide relief from joint pain, arthritis, and many other ailing conditions.

We feel like getting your body healthy is one of the top reasons to go to a spa due to the amount of benefits you can receive. From mineral soaks to aromatherapy bath oils that can promote better circulation and remove toxins, going to a spa will dramatically improve your overall health.


This is an aspect of the spa experience that just about everyone can agree on. Relaxation and spas go together like peanut butter and jelly. Truly the ultimate combination, spas offer each individual a chance to unwind and completely let go of their worries.

Maybe you have some serious aches or knots in your neck and back, what better way to relieve those problems than with a massage? Our masseuses are highly skilled and trained to find each ache and pain you might have and remove that from your body. This helps totally relax your body and soothe your worries.


Detoxifying your body of harmful toxins may be one of the most important reasons to go to a spa. Your body has the ability to store loads of toxins caused by stress, anxiety, alcohol, and much more. By going to a spa, you give yourself a chance to remove these harmful toxins.

With options like a deep tissue massage, our masseuses will work to detoxify your body and work out those toxins stored deep inside you muscle tissue. We also offer our rosemary aromatherapy oil that has the power to eliminate toxins as well.


Looking beautiful is never a bad thing, right? It helps with confidence and you just feel better about yourself on days that you look great. One of the reasons to go to a spa is to feel better than before you came in.

At Bonneville Resort, our skin care services can leave you feeling like the beautiful self you are. We offer our clients three different options: Yon-Ka European Facial, Yon-Ka The Optimizer, and Hydrapeptide Anti-Aging. All three of these services have different benefits with the same goal: to keep your skin looking better and to make you feel beautiful.

Relieve Stress

This could be considered the most obvious reason to go a spa, but we figured it doesn’t hurt to remind you. Spas are the ultimate way to relieve stress and tension both mentally and physically. Just about every aspect of spa treatment targets stress and removes it from your body. Whether it’s our variety of massages, mineral water, or aromatherapy oils, there are bound to be ways in which your stress will melt away!

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